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Voyage8 Group

Enabling Performance-Driven Growth for SaaS Innovators

Advisory for SaaS Revenue Organizations.

At Voyage8, we understand that the key to enduring success in the SaaS industry lies in a strategy that is not just effective, but also adaptable and scalable. Our advice is rooted in over a decade of real-world application and success. We offer strategies not just grounded in industry best practices, but proven and refined through extensive field experience. 

Selection of clients we have served

What clients say about us

Voyage8's expertise in SaaS revenue strategies and demand generation was particularly invaluable. They refined our sales processes, implement effective revenue operations, and most importantly, they tailored their advice according to our unique challenges.
Peer Bentzen, CEO Nemlia
Their contributions go beyond just advisory services. Voyage8 Group has been a trusted partner in our due diligence processes, providing invaluable insights that have informed our investment decisions. Their expertise in revenue operations has been particularly beneficial, helping our portfolio companies to to establish robust and sustainable revenue models.
03_Mehrdad_Piroozram 80x80 b
Mehrdad Piroozram, General Partner
Voyage8 Group‘s guidance in recruiting the right talent was invaluable. Their insights and expertise helped us build a sales team that is not only skilled but perfectly aligned with our objectives. With their help, we were able to onboard an entire Outbound Sales Team in far less time than initially expected.
02_Constantin_Schuenemann 80x80 b
Constantin Schuenemann, Co-CEO Ordio
The expertise of Voyage8 Group in orchestrating the transition of our sales was remarkable. They didn’t just add new channels; they helped us integrate these with our existing model seamlessly, ensuring a unified and effective sales approach. Their strategic insights into utilizing sales agents while enhancing our digital presence have opened new avenues for customer interaction and growth. 
04_Marc_Knaup 80x80
Marc Knaup, CEO Genki



Revenue Strategy & Planning

Comprehensive revenue strategies and planning methodologies that drive sustainable growth and scalability for SaaS companies.

Revenue Architecture

Developing efficient revenue processes tailored to SaaS models and how to implement them with the latest tools and systems.


Revenue Organization

Organizational Blueprint for SaaS G2M Teams.
Team Structure Assess- ment and Diagnostics. Recruiting metrics and tool assessments. Strong net- work in Commercial roles and commercially driven service providers