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About us

Enabling Performance-Driven Growth for SaaS Innovators

About Voyage8 Group

With extensive experience in building and scaling SaaS go-to-market teams, the founders of Voyage8 Group have united under one banner to offer their reality-hardened skills and expertise. We're committed to using our collective wisdom to help SaaS companies thrive and grow.

Our team


Ali Saffari

Managing Partner

Ali is a seasoned CRO with over a decade of remarkable leadership in guiding SaaS companies to successful growth during market entry, scale up and European expansion. 

  • 20 years of experience in selling and delivering successful software products 
  • 15+ years of experience in management of high performing goto market teams
  • 10+ years of SaaS revenue development and goto market experience
  • Proven track record of scaling high performance sales and marketing teams across europe
  • Designed & implemented scalable and highly efficient sales playbooks that created 3x new ARR within few years
  • Profound knowledge of latest B2B Sales and Marketing technologies (including multiple HubSpot and Salesforce implementations and member of the HubSpot CAB)
Michael Barton

Coming soon ...

Managing Partner

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